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Garden Schoolie Presents: Beds & Brews

Hey, Green thumbs and beer enthusiasts alike! If you're looking to spruce up your gardening game while sipping on a cold one, look no further than the upcoming Beds & Brews class with Garden Schoolie with Kate Dooley.

This exciting session promises to equip you with the know-how to transform your garden beds into flourishing havens—all without tilling a single inch of soil.

Hosted by me, Kate Dooley, seasoned expert in 'finding a better way", Beds & Brews is the ultimate crash course for the average homeowner seeking to embrace the beauty of no-till gardening.

But what exactly does no-till entail, and why should you care?


In 2022 I was left without the machines we had been using for the entire time. We had always spoke about going no-till, but if you have big ol tractor, youre gonna use it, and we did--

But I didn't have that choice. I had to move right to a No-Till system by winging it...and a lot of internet searches. These past two years I've learned some techniques that have made things easier that anyone can do to get started or turn the bed for the next season.

Traditionally, preparing garden beds involved back-breaking labor, from tilling the soil to removing weeds. However, the no-till approach challenges this conventional wisdom by advocating for methods that preserve soil structure and microbial life. And that's where Beds & Brews comes in.

During this informational class, you'll dive into various no-till techniques tailored for beginners. From the tried-and-true lasagna method to solarization techniques using tarps, I'll will walk you through the step-by-step process of creating vibrant, nutrient-rich beds without disturbing the earth beneath.

But what's a gardening session without a little refreshment, right? That's why Beds & Brews sweetens the deal by offering attendees a beer ticket to enjoy during the class.

As you absorb invaluable gardening wisdom, you can also enjoy a flagship cold brew, cider, mock-mosa or soda fostering a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment.

And that's not all—each admission to Beds & Brews comes with a small bag of amendments to kickstart your no-till journey.

These goodies will give your garden beds the boost they need to thrive throughout the growing season.

So, grab your gardening gloves, raise a glass, and join me for the next Garden Schoolie class for an unforgettable experience that will leave your garden—and your taste buds—begging for more.

Cheers to no tilling and happy growing!

You can sign up here:

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