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Covid 19- (Old Post)

As the world ducks and dodges the virus, we continue our work for Spring and Summer food production at our three sites.

There is virtually no risk in this as a farmer. We are out in nature, the sunshine and the healing effects of working in organic soil. It is easy to maintain a safe distance from one another and yet be in sociable talking distance while working.

So, on we go into Spring. I will probably take a nap, or watch a tv show in solidarity with all those stuck at home.

We are postponing our Wagon's Grand Opening, but we will still be selling some of our products under specific conditions of safety and social distance. We all still need to eat, and better to come here--outdoors--than in a store with food from who-knows-where and people fighting for toilet paper and eggs.

At this time, the Farmer's Market we host at the brewery will not be keeping its Opening Day of April 26. We have ideas moving forward so keep following for more information.

Lastly, many thanks to those who have supported us in our quest to make the world a healthier place for us and all the other creatures.

Blessings to all, Farmer John

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