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Can you believe we are moments away from 2023!

That's the FUTURE! We are in the FUTURE.


So many things have happened in 2022 and I am so glad you've followed along and continued your support.

John and I are starting out the year with a BOOM as we are speaking at the 23rd Annual Virginia Association of Biological Farming on Urban Farming the first weekend in January.

This conference is a big deal and am so honored I was asked to join John during his talks.

We are starting the year with a Market in January. This Market is giving all the Vendors in our community a chance to get back out there while most Markets have ended and everyone is hunkered down staying warm. I hope you follow our events and join us January 22nd.

National CSA Month is February and last year we sold every subscription for 2022 during CSA Week. I hope we continue to have that much interest as we roll into the 2023 season.

I have a new way of doing it so I hope you pop over to our CSA page and read up on the new process. I hope this opens it up to more people as its less committal.

March we will start to really clean up the farm as we prep for Spring Planting. if you want to volunteer, we would love the help! There is a new and improved volunteer application on our website. Check it out!

In April, we start our Vendor Markets again and will also have a small market on the 1 & 3rd Wednesdays for the Food Truck Rodeos!

So much happening!

Thanks for your support. Having an Urban Farm in the heart of Kempsville is truly a dream come true and glad you all are here with me.

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