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Meet The Brewery Farm Crew


Kate Dooley

Fun fact:

I'm a roller skater and have a Sulcata tortoise named HelenA.Shell 

What's your favorite veg and way to prepare it? 

My favorite are the Egyptian Walking Onions. I usually will eat the raw in salsa but also saute for just about anything you want. Theyre full onion flavor just shallot size. Just perfect!


Susan Topping

Fun fact:

I love ROCKS! When I travel I usually come home with a rock or two, or three :) from wherever it is I have visited. I have rocks decorating my yard and used to remember where they all came from...too many now to remember.

What's your favorite veg and way to prepare it? 

Too many to list, but I do love sweet potatoes! I fix them many different ways, but love to just bake them and put butter, brown sugar, salt and pepper and a pinch of nutmeg and eat it liked a baked potato...yum!


Mel Russo

Fun fact:

I’ve never been stung by a bee! There, I said it—as much time as I’ve spent in the rows I’ve somehow managed to avoid this very common encounter. It feels almost as though I’m missing a very important badge of honor. But don’t worry I’m working on it!

What's your favorite veg and way to prepare it? 

Leeks! I’m fairly certain we grow the tastiest leeks this side of the Mississippi, and I’ve eaten enough of them in about as many different variations to know!


Farmer John

Fun fact:

I have a vivid imagination and enjoy telling stories . I spent a month or so living in Egypt including a night on top of the great pyramid which changed me forever.

What's your favorite veg and way to prepare it? 

Green kale . steamed the drizzled with a little olive oil and Tamari

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