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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: So, how are you connected to the Brewery? 

A: The brewery asked Farmer John to come and take charge with getting a production garden up and growing. We grow specific fruit, veg, and herbs for their beer and ciders. We also use the barley mash from the brewery as compost on the farm. 

Q: Is the garden open to the public? Can I just come over and wander around?

A: No, unfortunately the garden is not open to wander.  The brewery does guided tours that take you on a safe path though the garden. It is an ever changing living place so paths change quite often. Its best we keep strangers out to keep you safe. We have also had problems with people walking on crops, littering, and also getting hurt all when they shouldn't have been there. We are more than happy to walk you around but you must be accompanied by staff.  We do have a lot of "selfie" backdrops along the front row though! 

Q: The parking lot is too busy! I don't like coming cause I can't park close just for 10 minutes to shop!

A: We have fixed that this season! We have 2 dedicated spots in front of the retail wagon during business hours. We have been allowed 6 spots so as the Market grows we can expand our Market parking. 

Q: Whats the Farmhouse Markets vs Farmer Johns Market?

A: The Farmhouse Farmers Markets are the Farmers Markets that we (Farmer Johns Market) host. We have a handful of other Vendors who come out and join. It is held the second every other Sunday  through the fall. Its a small market held in the front yard of the Brewery. 

Q: Do you sale Wholesale?

A: YES! We have a few wholesale customers so if you're interested in legit farm to table contact us! 

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