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Farmer John's Market CSA 2022 Membership Form

An e-signed membership agreement form must be submitted.

 We cannot fulfill any shares until a completed agreement is received, even if payment has been made in full.

 Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions/issues you may have. 

I agree to commit to the following: 

● I am agreeing to share in the risks and rewards of small-scale sustainable farming, weather, insect damage, bumper crops, etc. 

● I understand that I must submit payment (using the selected payment option) by May 13 2022 Only memberships canceled before June 30, 2022 are eligible for a refund. 

● I understand shares will vary in size, weight, and contents depending on growing conditions that will change from season to season. 

● PICK UP: I agree to choose ONE pickup day for the duration (Either Friday OR Saturday) and will pick up my share before the close of business. 4pm. If I will be after 4pm I will coordinate with the farm and understand my box will be sitting in a special spot for easy after hours grab and go.  I agree to let the farm know at least 7 days in advance if I am not able to collect my share for that week (going on vacation/out of town, etc). I have the option to make arrangements for someone else to pick-up my share, or allow the farm to donate my share to a local charity of their choosing. ​

● I agree to return any un-damaged produce boxes/packs to the farm. 

CSA 2020 Agreement Form: Files

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