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CSA 2022


We will no longer be accepting new CSA Members at this time. 03/03/2022

Community Supported Agriculture Programs

If you haven't heard about CSA's, it is simply a subscription service to obtain local, healthy fresh food from our fields.

       We are on a small, unique piece of property capable of offering a wide variety of delicious things. When signing up for our CSA program you are helping us up front in the season to buy the materials needed to grow the best produce possible. We appreciate your commitment and will make sure you get your bang for your hard earned buck. On occasion if we are lacking due to the elements, we like to fill in the boxes with fresh food from other farmers, but guarantee all VA local.


  We will offer just 1 box size option for the 2022 season. We will now offer 3 options for length of your commitment for the season. 

We will begin May 20th each week through Sept 30th. 

You can now sign up for just 5 weeks, 10 weeks, or the full 20 weeks.

Once you start your weekly subscription it will run concurrent. You can start anytime in the season as long there are enough weeks left. We will also offer curated box each week if you want the bounty without future commitment. 

Duration Lengths: 

5 Weeks 

10 Weeks

20 Weeks


The box will be filled with produce at a current price point which we will determine based on retail market value.

We may, under duress, skip a week which would then be added on at the end of the season. We haven't had to do that, luckily no hurricanes last year but, our growing season is long and unpredictable. We will ensure that we will compensate if Mother Nature throws us a curveball over the season. 

You will always get your nutrient content money's worth with our healthy soil practices. 

What You Get

Box of farm grown vegetables weekly. Typically enough produce to feed a couple, a small family, or one voracious veggie eater.

The weekly box will include your favorites like

Cabbage, Kale(s), Chards, Greens, Beets, Turips. Tomatoes, Peppers, Cucumbers, Squash, Eggplant, Fruit, Onions, Beans, Herbs, Flowers and MORE! 

When You Get It

20 weeksMay 20th through September 30th

Pick Up

Farmhouse Brewery : Farmer John's Market, Fridays OR Saturdays from 11a to 4p. 

Whichever day you choose for pickup, much remain the same throughout the season.

Super Local Delivery Option Available. Delivery fee would apply to each week and its kinda costly due to gas prices. Contact us for more info.   


$380 Season: $20 a week with 1 free week

$200 10 Week Commitment

$100 5 Week Commitment

If you are paying in FULL, the total amount is due upon submission of your Member Agreement and Sign Up Form, either by cash, credit card, or via online. 

Price does not include online processing fees incurred if you choose to purchase from our website.

Your payment upfront enables us to continue farming.

We want to thank you for investing in our success.

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