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CSA 2023

Community Supported Agriculture Program

CSa 2023.png

March 19

We have Sold Out of space for our CSA 2023. 

Once the Season really kicks off I will open it back up. 

If you haven't heard about CSA's, it is simply a subscription service to get local, healthy, fresh food from your Neighborhood Farm.

       Kate's Next Door Market is a 1.5 acre, unique piece of land on the property of Farmhouse Brewery.  We are offer a wide variety of delicious seasonal fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, farm made salves & more.

On occasion we link up with other local growers to curate the best selections for you from our community.

These items would include Micro Greens, Organic Eggs and other fun offerings. 

Sounds pretty great doesn't it?

It IS! 

This year we are planning to do it differently. 

Our CSA 2023 will be set up giving you more personal choice and flexibility than pervious years.

I know that a lot of people like the ease of pulling in and picking up a box vs shopping the wagon.

I get it, trying things you wouldn't pick out and or the ease of time. We heard your suggestions and we will still will offer curated boxes available to purchase weekly. 

Purchase, WHAT?

I paid when I signed up for the CSA Program, Don't I get the veg for FREE? 

So the plan for this upcoming year is to give all CSA Members a Card and it will be use as a gift card--

This allows you to come and go when you want and get as much of something specific if you want.  

Some Restrictions will apply.  

The sparkle to this system is when you check out using your CSA Card you will

receive 20% off your entire purchase each week.

This is a WIN for All of us. It allows Kate's to get the season started with buying soils, seeds, and covering baby plant costs. 

You get it back in terms of fresh pesticide free produce and THEN SOME throughout the season. 


How Long will this card and CSA Discount be good for? 

We will open the CSA Sign Ups in February during National CSA Week. 

The season will start April 20 and run until your card is empty or until April 20 2024.  

Most of the produce will start to be ready Mid May, as such, the curated boxes will not begin until Mid-May.  

 If you have remaining funds after 4/20/24, your card will still work as a gift card, but the 2023 CSA discount will not apply. ​

I want to use this kind of CSA to be available to more of the community.

More folks who are just cooking for themselves, folks who travel and cant commit to weekly boxes, folks who like to try new things and the ones who like the staples.

A weekly menu will be posted so if you are not able to arrive during our business hours, you can place your order, either for the curated box, or  your personal picks and still grab and go--


National CSA Week Special- $500 - *Free Shirt and Tote --- $100 in savings over 20 weeks

Gold-$400 --- $80 in savings over 20 weeks

Silver-$300 --- $60 in savings over 20 weeks

Bronze-$150 --- $30 in savings over 20 weeks. 

*20 weeks has been our standard Mid May-Mid September Season. 

Last year we sold out of spaces in less than a week.


Sound Like Something You'd be interested in?

You can buy a E-CARD online HERE (link deactivated) i if you plan to be pre-ordering your weekly vegetables for swing through pickup.

Please buy a CSA Card in person if you plan to be shopping in person for your weekly vegetables. 

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